The moonlight danced it’s silvery stream over my skin as I sat for a minute listening to the waves crashing, so very nearby to our villa. It had arrived. Our Wedding Day. The Villa rested in absolute silence on it’s cliff over the sea, it was such early hours of the morning that everyone was still asleep and I had stolen these sleepless hours for myself.

We had fallen in love with the Villa when we were looking for the place we would get married. And now, in the moonlight, the open sky bathroom constructed of creamy limestone with a plunging bath looked entirely unreal. I lowered myself into the bath, the hot water covering my ankles then my calves. As I lay back into the pomelo and pomegranate water, the stars still beckoned in the open sky above. The air felt cool to the skin and I gladly sank into the warmth of the bath. It was the first time I’d had to myself to stop and breathe since we got here. The days before had been a whirlwind of excitement and energy. But now, in this brief moment of stars and crashing waves, I belonged only to myself. I breathed the salty air deeply.

The Cliff Face below our Villa

As the day came to life, the little garden below us breathed sounds of my childhood. Tropical birds called in the distance and from the balcony, the ocean sparkled to life with the flecks of the morning sun. I tied my dressing robe around me, inspecting the gentle scallop of the lace and a hot warmth shot through me as I thought how one day, we would probably pass this on to our very own little girl, for her own wedding day.

Bridal Robe: The Bridal Room
Photography Credit: Bali Pixtura

The wafting smell of coffee and sweet tapioca broke me from my reverie. We had arranged for tapioca sweetcakes, a cooked breakfast of hot eggs, tea coffee and juice for everyone… To be served in bed. (Well you know we don’t call ourselves The Unmade Bed for nothing!)

Bello and I had thought it the perfect way to start our life together to have both our families in this generously sized stone and timber villa, with enough king canopy beds and open air ensuites– for our parents and brothers. Breakfast served in bed was just one of the ways we wanted our families to feel special. Neither of us came from families who grew up in any sort luxury, both of our families had worked so hard all their lives and we had been so careful in our detailed planning (and careful saving) this past year to give them memories we hoped, they would never forget.

‘Kueh’ Tapioca Sweetcakes for Brekkie <3
Credit: Bali Wedding Florence
Wedding Co-ordinator: Global Weddings

“Breakfast in bed, Miss.” a bright eyed girl from the kitchen winked.

Miss. My heart skipped a beat. How strange a feeling when your entire identity is on the precipice of change. The breakfast looked delicious. Not that I was even in bed, I had scarcely slept and had instead spent my night watching the moon. It was a small miracle that I was not the least bit tired, and a larger miracle that I wasn’t my normally ravenous self.

Lona and I
Photography Credit: Bali Pixtura

“May I set up in the corner?’ her voice soft, I recognised my makeup artist Lona from our trial only days before, and right on her tail, Vonny, our dream wedding photographer. In the days leading up to our wedding day, it had been a whirlwind of activity… For one thing there was our overseas Bachelorette and Bucks Party …and the Pre-Wedding Surprise we threw for our guests (that article, coming soon).

In short, Lona and Vonny had been the perfect choice. Let’s just say, when a perfectionist gets married, nothing beats placing yourself in the hands of other perfectionists! With an aura of zen around her, it was precisely Lona’s peaceful countenance that I needed this very morning as my heart raced faster than it ever had before …and yet there was a perfect balance, with the casual energetic playfulness of Vonny as she somehow, unobtrusively captured the most intimate moments in her playful but perfectionistic style. I closed my eyes and felt Lona’s deft fingers dust rapidly in light feather strokes across my face.

Our Bridesmaids’ Dressing Gowns: The Bridal Room Custom Hangers: Felicitations
Photography Credit: Bali Pixtura

I felt the pink slip of lace between my fingers of the girls’ robes as I hung them to the window of the warming sun. My bridesmaids. My lifelong girlfriends who had known me through scraped knees, wobbly teeth and the awkwardness of high school would be here soon. It seemed like yesterday that we were giggling schoolgirls over texts from boys, or sharing headphones in the back of the class. It seemed like only yesterday, our high school ball, our summer break in college, our girls trip to Rome…Pompeii…Graduation from uni and then our first jobs, living in neighbouring apartment sky scrapers in the city.

But it wasn’t just yesterday

It’s funny where the mind goes when you know something big is about to happen. As though your mind forges through your past before it can contemplate your future.

Sisters Foreva!
Photography Credit: Bali Pixtura

“Alora?” two glossy heads peeked tentatively from behind the antiquated carved wooden door. There was nothing in the design of this villa that I didn’t love, from its high vaulted ceilings to the smell of sandlewood and jasmine in every room. “Ohhhh .” The girls breathed as all four tumbled into the room. “You’re getting Married!!” They raced into the room. Somewhere between the hugs and their timelessly familiar faces was a beautiful place of serenity. Life had reached a beautiful place.

Wedding Dress & Veil: Tuscany Bridal
Photography Credit: Bali Pixtura

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Or… to join us for the rest of our Wedding->

Photography Credit: Bali Pixtura

Okay, not to brag or anything, but when we planned our wedding. We fluked it. We managed to assemble an ABSOLUTE DREAM TEAM of wedding vendors. So, here’s a huge thank you to our wonderful vendors and here’s to the hope that any hunting brides-to-be will find this section a useful shopping directory ; ) !! Especially if you are an Australian Bride thinking of a Destination Wedding in Bali! Sending you loads of good vibes for a wonderful time on your day, so here it is… “Destination Wedding Ingredients”. A perfectionist’s whole list of handpicked vendors and suppliers for a perfect Wedding in Bali!

For wedding invitations that rival the style and quality of the cost prohibitive Ceci New York -> Felicitations was our pick for affordable but exceptionally elegant: (check out their store if you don’t believe us! It’s like walking into Pinterest)!

*Laser Cut Wedding Invitations
*Laser Cut Cursive Surname Wedding Cake Topper
*Custom Coat Hangers for Groomsmen, Bridesmaids and Bride & Groom’s Parents
*Custom Guest Book to match Cake Topper and Wedding Invites
*Customised ‘Thumbprint Tree’ Guest Book
*Portable Wishing Well
*Wedding CD Cover and Booklet
*Wedding Vow Booklet for the Church
*Seating Plan Sign

There’s heaps more there, but this is what we got for our day. Sounds like alot but we were super thrilled that it didn’t cost the Earth and made our Wedding look ….well, out of our league!!

More than that, this family business is run by a gorgeous husband and wife team. Down to Earth and genuinely invested in making stylish, quality products affordable to regular working couples, we totally fell in love with these two gorgeous souls ♡♡!!

So much so, we sent them their own invites to our wedding ; )

The first time I saw Julie DiCamillo of Danza Pasion’s work, I think my jaw hit the floor. I had grown up, all my life, with one of my best girlfriends. I had watched this girl grow up alongside me, from schoolyard in pigtails and jeans, to our year 12 school ball… I can tell you that every version of this girl has always been beautiful. But watching her dance on her wedding night, was something else. It was the angle of her head, the way she slowed almost to a stop. Watching her dance made my eyes water like a tap and turned my insides to jelly. She has always been beautiful, but that night, the way she moved, Julie transformed one of my bestest friends into a Goddess.

Julie’s touch in her choreography is thoughtful to the couple’s skill level. Julie breaks everything down into easy to understand steps and somehow, puts together a combination that gives the appearance that you are far more advanced than you truly are! (Given that I am totally clumsy, it is only truthful and fair to say that all dancing accolades we received that night must go to our wonderful, wonderful teacher.)

Julie, Bello and I really can’t thank you enough for working so closely with us on our First Dance Song. Especially as it is our own Originally Penned song for our Wedding day, dancing to ‘Castles’ meant the world to us even though we were beginners! ; D You helped us fool everyone into thinking we had been dancing for years! SCORE!

Absolutely, absolutely recommend this lady to be your choreographer for your wedding day no matter what. We even had to take airplanes to have lessons with her ♡ and it was SO worth it!

Photography Credit: Bali Pixtura
From the moment we met Vonny from Bali Pixtura, it was a done deal. It didn’t even matter that I had spent the previous few weeks obsessed with the lighting of her images and the intimacy of the moments she captured… it almost didn’t matter that Vonny’s pictures were so beautiful they almost made me cry…(who knew online photos of a perfect stranger on their wedding day could move me to tears ?!)…None of those very important things mattered when we met Vonny and her husband Bayu, because quite frankly, they were just two of the loveliest, most genuine people we could have expected! We almost wanted them there as our guests !!

Hindsight is always 20/20 vision and in hindsight we would not dream of choosing anyone else. Bali Pixtura captured everything meaningful in our wedding day and more. Every meaningful glance , the tiny inflections across my mothers face when we put on the veil, Brenton and I meeting down the aisle for the first time… I was entirely intent on having a videographer because I wanted every little detail to be captured so that we can remember it all.. years down the track.. now it seems like that didn’t even matter. Vonny got it all. I don’t know how someone can be that unobtrusive yet… get just the most amazing angles!

We recieved our first package… a beautiful engraved customised wooden box with a customised engraved wooden usb. With this, we could show all our family and friends Bali Pixtura’s amazing photos of our special day over our first family Christmas together.

The second package Bali Pixtura sent to us though. That. Took our breath away. The quality of our wedding album was absolutely magnificent. We are so very proud to showcase it on our coffee table and to show it to all our loved ones. Our friends are bookmarking Bali Pixtura for their own Wedding Days now that they have seen how beautiful our images and album have turned out! Five stars ! You guys deserve every success!! Find them here on their website or connect with them on FB here!

I was initially..totally confused about this part! Usually, I kind of don’t wear too much makeup as it really irritates my skin…plus, Bello and I faced the unique consideration of flying over to Malaysia for the (Cultural) Wedding Banquet after our Bali Elopement.

The dilemma? I couldn’t afford my skin to break out from heavy duty makeup before the banquet; and nor did I want to feel covered in anything gluggy or uncomfotable all day!! Yet… I wanted to have some coverage in Bali’s warm humid weather, therefore Wedding DIY hair and makeup was out of the question.

LONA was the best late night trolling I have ever done online!! Her amazing before and after gallery really shows her skill at refining what is there, to enhance natural features and bring a healthy natural glow to brides without making them look like someone different…!

I first met Lona for our makeup trial ( I highly recommend that btw! It gives you the chance to fine tune your preferences .)

Our trial was booked for just before Bello and I were due to head out to (an all day & night) surprise for our guests and I just loved the products she used! It glided on comfortably, stayed on all day through some exertion, and even under humid, salty beach conditions! She moisturized my face before starting with Evian Water (yes I kid you not) and the result was the lightest feeling. It barely felt like I had makeup on, yet gave amazing natural coverage and stayed put all day and night!

I know there are girls out there who love to load on the coverage for that ultra-glam look and honestly, I reckon they look great! I just dunno if I could have found another artist who could have simultaneously made me feel as light and as comfy as LONA did.

Feel free to check out the pictures of her work (lol, my face that is), and I hope your day goes as well as ours did!!!

Photography Credit: Bali Pixtura
When it came time to choose our Wedding Cake, a taste test was in order! We stepped into Ixora Cakes after reading copious rave reviews online from thrilled couples. At first glance IXORA Cakes was overwhelming! The number of Tiered Cakes in the room felt kind of like it was a Disney movie about to happen. I half expected a Chef to bust out into song from the kitchen. Since I love Disney, I think you get the picture, I loved this place! The smell of doughy cake mix instantly hits you in the sinus and no matter how not hungry you thought you were, you will definitely succumb to the offer of the highly recommended taste test. What did we end up choosing? Red Velvet. Unconventional I know, but at IXORA, they really know how to do a heavenly Red Velvet. What was more unconventional was that, for the same price as a wedding cake in Australia, we paid an equal amount for a wedding cake in Bali without a second thought.

So then. It turns out…on our wedding day (whilst somehow I had it in my head that our cake would be…say…50cm or 60cm tall… as is routinely so in Australia) our Wedding Cake atop the cake table ended up…kind of..taller than my husband. What a surprise to walk into a room with a six foot cake in the middle of it! I lost it. A hopeless fit of giggles before heading to the church.

It was a hit with the guests. All the guys took photos with the cake to see how tall they were against it (Check out the pics at our Wedding Reception to see what I mean)! In a nutshell, IXORA gave us a larger than life wedding cake which tasted like HEAVEN . No other red velvet I’d ever had before or since (and I am obsessed with red velvet) could even compare. If we were gonna have this wedding all over again, we would have asked IXORA for our very same Wedding Cake all over again! Loved it!