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This (to the right) is Bello (→) and this (←) is vertically challenged me.

Hi! Thanks for landing on our page and having a look around!
We are ex-university hostages, who now work professional day jobs between our travels.
Working full-time and juggling grown-up career stuff with life’s little moments, we have fallen in ♡… with the chemistry of travel!

To anyone reading our blog, here you will find our most heartfelt realisations… Our dreams, goals and ambitions… If anything we concoct makes you DREAM too, please borrow what you find uplifting and make it a beautiful chapter in your own lives!
Welcome, to the cosiest place in the world and our wildest dreams…

And until you get to know us some more… for now its lots of ♡ from
xo Just Oscar & Bello

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine

Just Oscar

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1) A luxuriant endorphin releasing state of affairs.
2) A circumstance wherein the absence of a verb permits the reclaim of life’s only real resource. Time.
3) The ultimate venue.
Just Oscar: pertaining to the Royal College of Pinterest-likes of Oscar de la Rente, Oscar Wilde and Oscar the Grouch at various intervals of the day or month pending administration of dark chocolate.

Bello: CHOCO-CARPACCIO-VORE of calcaneal vulnerabilities to the likes of cookies, jelly bellies and all things marvellous creations + that photographic memory disconcertingly adept at winding up Oscar.

Couple travel. It’s the chapter of life where your once independent once-in-a-lifetime bucket list now envelopes the (sometimes contrasting) ideas and dreams of two people… Operating within the confines of joint finances and yet outside the confines of the 9-5 daily grind 🙂
Use of non-permanent texters on faces, Christmas decorations in October and hysteria over midnight pancakes: Permissable 🙂

“I swear to you there are more divine things than words can tell”…

“for the sun is warm and the World is a Beautiful place.”

♡ Compiled by Just Oscar – The mixed philosophies of Walt Whitman and Edward Monkton ♡


With Love ,

Xox Just Oscar and Bello

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